XSR will use the “Community” approach because the community has a level of social, ecological, human, spiritual, relational and economic capital

The project seeks to bring together the Body of Christ from across the denominations to work together in unity towards providing a more efficient working environment for the social workers of the Harare Central District, a place where morale is boosted and where children who are brought to be processed through the offices are faced with a place which is not frightening, cold and austere but clean, bright, warm and comfortable. Please join this amazing opportunity to be the change we want to see!

We believe healing of this nation will only be achieved through “Forgiveness and Reconciliation” of one another.
Forgiveness in Zimbabwe is needed between Shona and Ndebeles, but WHITE AND BLACK has been played out more recently.
Arcadia is where White meets Black and is one of the oldest suburbs in Harare.
It is no secret that whole GENERATION of Arcadia families have moved away from the Suburb
Arcadia provides an opportunity to undertake URBAN RENEWAL without attracting politics.