Renewal Fellowship

XSR will use the “Community” approach because the community has a level of social, ecological, human, spiritual, relational and economic capital

One of our core beliefs is that God placed man here on the earth to rule over the works of darkness. As we look around our communities we can see the handiwork of the enemy in so many places. Jesus told us he only comes to rob, kill and destroy. We believe we are called to restore, give life and build up where the enemy has done his work. This has lead us to several Community based initiatives that we would love to share with you below:


XSR - Marlborough

In 2012 we felt God leading us to invest in our local high school. Due to the economic collapse of 2008 and 2009 the school was in much need of major repairs.


By God’s grace, we were able to go into the school for 36 days and work to restore much of the school. In this time period over 2000 volunteers came and gave of their time and resources to restore Marlborough High School. Here are some of the pictures:



I think the highlight of this story is that although we were not able to do all we wanted to do, the O’level students of 2012 at Marlborough High School scored the highest results in the entire country.



In 2014 we felt lead to go into the Department of Social Welfare to restore, give life and build up. Due to our close work with the department it was obvious that those working in this department were working substandard conditions. In partnership with 7 other local churches and ministries we went in over the Africa Day weekend and renovated 26 offices.


XSR - Arcadia

In 2015 we began our largest XSR project yet. In working with the community of Arcadia we believe we have a mandate to impact an entire community. 

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