Renewal Fellowship

Renewal Ministries has its primary focus in four areas:

  • Marriage and Family
    The breakdown of the family unit has had catastrophic effects on the church and on the world. Renewal Ministries addresses the many issues which undermine the marriage relationship and provides the insightful Biblical teaching necessary to cultivate the loving families God ordained.

  • Leadership
    Renewal Ministries equips and establishes leaders in the church and through teaching and mentoring provide much needed strength and encouragement for those who faithfully continue in the work of the Lord.

  • Local Ministries 
    Renewal Ministries oversees local ministries throughout the country, who supply food to the local people and assist in building churches and Bible Schools. Renewal Ministries also helps with the funding and purchase of much needed vehicles for these laborers in the harvest fields, that they may more efficiently fulfill God's call on their life.

  • Orphans
    Renewal Ministries cares for the country's growing number of orphans through their network of local ministers, providing food, clothing and finances to meet the spiritual, physical and educational needs of these precious little ones.

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